I can't let fear stop me. I can't let the hysteria of media sway me from my purpose. 
I must stop, breathe, and find my center.

I must accept what is. When I accept what is, I am free to identify opportunity, and to work effectively. When I accept my present reality with compassion and unconditional love for what is (including whoever holds high office in the country in which I live), I can see clearly. I can act accordingly. I can move quietly. I can bob and weave quickly. 

I refuse to let the circumstances of my life dictate my potential and who I want to be. I refuse to let fear derail my dreams. I refuse to blame the outside world for my unhappiness. I alone am responsible for my thoughts and my emotions. I alone am responsible for my happiness. 

I am grateful to live in this age of miracles and magic. I have historically unprecedented power to create anything I choose. Anything is possible. There is an abundance of tools and information. There has never been a better time to be alive. 

If we all choose a problem and create a solution, the world will transform overnight.