Make America Woke Again

I don't think I've seen more random acts of kindness in my life. Granted, they're in response to an international bully. But maybe bullies exist to challenge us. Maybe bullies keep taking our lunch money until they don't; until we stand up and refuse to be bullied while conducting ourselves in a manner that aligns with our ideals. 

I've never learned as much about the world as I have in these last couple weeks. I've never fully understood the concept of holding onto my power in the face of things I cannot change until the world erupted in a united surge of passion and anger. I don't think a group of people has collectively demonstrated what they do and do not want as clearly as Americans are demonstrating right now. 

 So, I am grateful to the president and his administration for creating the conditions in which I might gain clarity on what is acceptable to me and what is not. I am grateful for this opportunity to discipline my mind and my emotional state despite the relentless shockwaves and fear mongering. I am grateful to be alive in this wild, turbulent time.