In Ayurvedic medicine, the Eggplant is “King,” not only for its crown but because it’s rich in vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, and contains some of the most potent free radical scavengers found in plant tissue: Chlorogenic Acid (antimicrobial, anti-LDL, anti-viral, anti-mutagenic)  and Nasunin (prevents cellular damage, lessens free-radical damage in joints). 

This incredible “Power Plant” stimulates the digestive system and reduces the amount of fats and cholesterol in the blood. Some research even shows that the potassium in Eggplants can gently stimulate the heart to reduce excess fluid in the body.  

After I realized that a lifetime of meat-consumtion was contributing to my chronic health problems. I went on a search for meat-alternatives and tried every substitute out there, but nothing compared to Eggplant Jerky when it came to flavor, taste, and consistency. It completely blew my mind and I knew I had to share it with the world - one person at a time. 

Power Plant Organic Eggplant Jerky is easy on digestion, unlike meat-snacks, and provides plenty of energy, fiber, and nutrition for hikers, bikers, ravers, stargazers,  cool kids and hip parents alike. 

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